What some of our clients have to say about PM Groundworks Ltd


During the progress meeting on site last Friday, the client was very complimentary about the way your lads, Jason and Michael carried out the works to the service trench. They were very happy with the works, the way that it went and also stated that the guys were very helpful/accommodating. So could you please on behalf of Beard and the client extend our sincere thanks to both Jason and Michael, as they were very professional in the way they worked, interacted with all concerned, they are a credit to PM Groundworks.

Charlie Carter

Site Manager, Beard Construction

The structural engineer visited site today as planned to review slab works, she spent along time on site with her tape measure and camera, she spoke to Matthew on site whilst carrying out her checks. We were under the impression that she had found many issues, however, when I asked her if everything was alright, she stated “I had to look extremely hard to find anything wrong, I counted the bars, the additional bars and they were all in where they should have been”. So in short, I think that is a great effort from PM Groundworks the lads on site have been excellent, so well done to you all, it is so refreshing in an industry where the norm is “near enough is good enough” that we can still get lads who can read drawings, install work as it should be, work safely and are nice individuals. So on a personnel note, I would like to thank you all for the effort put in to get this work over the line and from a Beard perspective, its nice to work with contractors that care.

Charlie Carter

Site Manager, Beard Construction

Paul and the PM Groundworks team have worked for Integral Build on numerous projects over the last three years and we have always found them a pleasure to work with. Their ability to get things done in the quickest time has been a great resource for us.

Tim Stringer

Divisional Director, Integral Build

To whom it may concern P M Groundworks are a very experienced ground work company, they have provided many high quality finishes for Jones Building Group. The company have many teams, all with supervisors making the control of their workloads easy to manage. They communicate very well with site & contract managers on all aspects of their tasks. We would highly recommend their services, they a trustworthy, experienced approach & keep to all programmes. Below is a list of some of the projects they have worked on for JBG.

  • Waycroft Academy (School extension)
  • Queen Ann Road (D&B, 13 Flats & 2 bedroom house)
  • Daisy Chain Nurseries (New assembly hall)
  • Torwood School (New school 2 storey building)
  • Adelaide Place (D&B, 64 bed care home & 34 apartments)
  • 325 Fishponds Road (D&B 6 new dwellings & 6 duplex apartments)
  • BAM Construction (Many small groundwork projects)
  • Dividy Road (D&B 60 bed care home)
Jones Building Group

Just a note to say ‘Well Done’ to Graham and the gang at Minerva for completing the foundations between Grid Lines 1 – 6, A – G (including the oversite concrete) last Friday 26 January.

When Graham and I sat down after the Christmas break and pencilled in a programme to complete the works, it did seem ‘touch and go’ that we could get the amount of work done within the five weeks available – (leaving seven days curing for the concrete plinths before the remaining modules are delivered to site).

It is to their credit that they managed to complete the works, whilst keeping the site tidy and the spoil heap to a minimum, ahead of programme.

In this industry we are always quick to ‘point the finger’ and send out e-mails when things don’t go to plan but rarely give credit when (and where) it is due.

So, again, well done to Graham, John, Darren, Steve and Gerry (with some help from Jason and Freejoy!) on getting us where we need to be and ahead of schedule!

Vincent Savin

Site Manager, Elliott UK